Stunning Edge Chapter 163

more developments in the poisoning case hohoho


Stunning Edge Chapter 161


Side note:

You might be wondering why the poll is not here…

So even though the poll was only around a week, it became pretty clear that Doctors without Borders was consistently getting around 50% of the votes and that continuing to poll wouldn’t be necessary

So yeah, $500 bucks to Doctors without Borders and $100 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, applause to all people who donated and thank you readers for the ad revenue 

(I know this might sound small, but I’m pretty proud :3)

In order for people to not feel like I’m lying or something I feel like I might upload a YouTube video as proof or smth, but yeah.

Thanks everyone!

Stunning Edge Chapter 160

I feel like Katherine might be the best character

Stunning Edge Chapter 159

^please vote above!

Agh, almost forgot to post this

Stunning Edge Chapter 158


I think we’ve made an amount of money now sizeable to be donated. (It’s just $500+, but I think that’s a pretty good number.)

Update: I’ve created a poll


Stunning Edge Chapter 156 & Schedule Announcement


School is about to start and reflecting on the summer (eek) I barely published anything compared to last year

So I’m going to revert back to trying(?!) to be on a schedule

School starts next week @_@ which means this schedule will be experimental for a month before I decide if it works out or not

If anyone is too lazy to click on the link:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
* SE * * BAF * SE

*extra SE

Sorry BAF fans, BAF is in ancient China and has harder Chinese in the first place whereas the SE author is super redundant in their use of Chinese, which makes it far easier to translate SE chapters. They’re also shorter by like 25%

ok announcement over


(PS *slips in shameless promo* donations might increase chances of extra SE *wink wink*)