Stunning Edge Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

My goal is to reach chapter 130+ by New Years eve + chapter 5 of Both are Foxes. Even though it was almost finals, I read almost all 120 ish chapters cuz it’s so good. I’m at the sequel /extra ish part of it. A few things borderline NSFW that I’m sure I would get judgement for translating but whatever. I know gravity tales did like a dark gravity translations or something lol maybe I’ll do something similar


Stunning Edge Chapter 121

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Stunning Edge Chapter 112-116 (+ Both are Foxes announcement + Chapter 1)


I wanted to get to chapter 120, but whatever

I’m going to try to get to chapter 120 by the end of this week

Also, for Both are Foxes, I’m going to first read ahead. It’s like 5x harder to translate than Stunning Edge, first because I’m much more used to Stunning Edge and second, it’s in more formal, old-ish Chinese and refers to the past. I mean I’ve got the basics down of imperial China like concubines and stuff but I want to read ahead so I can get a more firmer grasp. I’ve translated one chapter but keep in mind I’m not assuring 100% accuracy just yet. I’m thinking I’ll be able to take it on more seriously during winter break (starts Dec 20) TBH I like this story better than Stunning Edge, but I feel more obligated to work on Stunning Edge because I already feel like I’m letting people down by being so slow, I’m so sorryyyy

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And my friend who informed me of this says (i just stole and rearranged his words tbh) :
So for the sacrifice of those exploited global citizens, lets #MakeFridayLiveableAgain <- he’s trying to make this trend, although I doubt it will work, but who knows :P)


Stunning Edge Chapter 110

hiiiiiii chapter 110
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Also, got a suggestion for Both are Foxes. I read a translation of the synopsis and it seems right up my alley, I’m just worried that someone’s been translating and I just dunno about it. I’m going to translate the synopsis myself and post it. If I hear at any point someone else is translating it, I’m going to drop.

Stunning Edge Chapter 109

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without any further ado
Stunning Edge Chapter 109

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Stunning Edge Chapter 108

Chapter 108

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Also, Viv did most of the work this time so I asked her if she wanted to do the blog post since somehow past peoples were a bit offended they didn’t, but she refused

But since she posts a lot of poems online, I was like why not share one of those
And she said she would like that and to choose one of hers that I liked so I just chose the most recent one (they’re amazing!):

Heart-Full Sky
By: Viv

Today is just like any other day,
Filled with songs and feelings,
With hope and new changes,
It’s hard,
I know to start another year,
But it makes me excited,
That I can meet strangers,
And they eventually become my friends.

After school,
I tripped and fell,
A person picked up my stuff,
I thanked him,
My knees and hands are scraped,
And they hurt,
But I stand up,
[ Marina Of August ],
Singing this melody,
I carry on,
And I am first again on the bus.

On the grey seats,
I sing to the trees outside,
They wave,
The sun is still shining,
Even when there are gloomy clouds,
The songs make it seem brighter,
I got off the bus,
And I see a heart in the sky.