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PURPOSE:This should actually BECOME the purpose, because this page doesn’t get any money. Please read them all! Don’t be discouraged if they ask for a lot of money, even just one dollar counts!

  • I’ll admit, I have strong feelings for animals. I actually believe the majority thought of ‘oh they’re so cute, so exotic, etc. I want one’ really contributes to animals being abused, a current one example the Tiger Temple at Thailand. There’s too many cases of humans causing trouble for animals, like the gorilla that was shot and the lion who a man decided to run inside with naked……….. Some days I really lose faith in humanity.LIKE WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE DOGS

With Malala

  • Malala is amazing! I remember hearing her claim to fame and it’s basically a fairy tale! She risked her life to stand up for her beliefs! She’s the youngest noble peace prize winner in history and was almost killed for trying to support creating education for girls! Currently, she’s trying to raise money so that girls in oppressed countries can get education.

Water for Africa

  • There are so many reasons why that I feel like reading through them would take forever. Girls in particular are affected.  In some parts of Africa, women expend as much as 85% of their daily energy intake fetching water. Lack of clean water kills because of the sickness it brings, particularly for diarrhea.  Diarrhea was estimated to have killed 2.2 million people, mostly children who are less than five years old. But clean water is very effective! Studies show that when cleaner water is combined with hygienic practices and good sanitation, diarrhea incidences decline by up to 65 percent. Don’t be discouraged by how much money it takes to help one person! Every dollar counts!

Children Trafficking

  • The days of slavery are far from over. Trafficking is still an ongoing reality for many.  Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit per year, second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime.
  • Many people get trapped from thinking they are moving to another country for another job. They have no way of getting out of the situation. This is people who were already poor and just looking for job opportunities, even if it was a long way from home.

Doctors without Borders 

  • Doctors without borders are able to help people when they need it most: right after a natural disaster. They basically help with everything possible! From helping illnesses, to helping overlooked people like sex workers and prisoners. They also help with refugees from psychological care to lifesaving nutrition. This is especially important with the current refugee crisis occurring in Europe.

Child Refugee Crisis

  • Approximately half of the 19.5 million registered refugees globally are children and youth. Currently, there is a huge refugee crisis in Europe. The majority of refugees are Syrians who are fleeing the civil war. 2 million Syrian children have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Many die as they travel dangerously over water and drown. The picture below is a heart wrenching visual representation of those who have died.

Disclaimer: none of the money goes to me at all. I don’t gain anything except knowing some people actually cared enough to click links. Actual helps with the Malala fund indirectly because if more girls are educated and prove women are just as smart as men, the glass ceiling would break 😀 Please donate!

Recently, I read something here about out state of minds on donating and helping others that really struck me as interesting. An MIT student created her own analogy for the unfortunate situations of the world based on the philosopher Peter Singer’s. To summarize Peter Singer’s analogy, a university student is walking to school when he/she chances upon a child drowning in a puddle. “To wade in and pull the child out would be easy but it will mean that you get your clothes wet and muddy, and by the time you go home and change you will have missed your first class.” Most people would agree that it’s worth it.
Now here’s where it gets interesting. The MIT student created her own more realistic analogy: “A better analogy would be something like this: you’re walking along on your route to class and all of a sudden you come across an enormous lake in which, say, millions of children are all simultaneously drowning. You first scream in terror, and then maybe just stand there paralyzed by your shock at how something like this could possibly be real (‘I hope this is all just a thought experiment..’) and then you then look to the sides of the lake and notice that thousands more children are falling into it by the second. It’s terrifying!”
I completely agree. There is so much injustice in the world and tragedies that to face it all is terrifying. It makes so much logical sense to help the rest of the world, but the magnitude of it all really makes you feel, any little help I give is practically worthless. But that is all the more to give more help.
Now let’s say you are a more selfish person. How does giving to the rest of the world benefit me? I am no expert, but I will say this: reducing the poverty in the world will end up benefiting everyone. As John Green, (or was it Hank, sorry Hank) known for crash course says, everybody in the world has a slice of pizza and all the slices of pizza are different. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but we all have one. Everybody’s percentage of the pizza will probably remain the same, but the pizza itself will become larger. Getting rid of malaria and diseases would raise the total GDP of the world.
(I also have an unfounded theory that is much like a conspiracy theory, but since this page barely gets viewed, I think it’s fine to state it.The reason why nobody is really willing to help decrease global poverty, increase health and such is because the person who does will have to pay a huge chunk of change themselves for the betterment of the world in general.Google and Facebook contribute a lot towards decreasing poverty and I think it’s because not only do they look good, decreasing poverty will drastically raise the amount of money they make due to Google and Facebook being near universal. Apple, on the other hand, does not really donate probably because the users of Apple products are generally high on the social ladder. For them, decreasing world poverty and diseases and such would cost more than what they get in the end.)


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