Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Epilogue

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“Welcome home.”

In the reception office of the detective agency.

Kujou, who was sitting on that chair, started to organize his sentences gently.

“Criminal psychology can be divided into two mainstreams. The first one is the thinking that ‘The criminals are born with the specificities, and their extreme behaviors result in criminal behaviors.’ And the second one is the thinking that ‘Since the criminals are surrounded by an abnormal environment, they are more familiar with criminal actions.’”

Correcting his posture by changing the way he placed his legs, Kujou lowered his voice.

“In order to solve the puzzles created by humans, both sides should be considered together. If you only focus on either one, the puzzles will seem to be entwined. Just like humans have personalities, cases also have personalities. And those personalities are associated with the darkness inside the criminals’ hearts. Same as motivations. All cases have some kinds of motivations. There are motivations spurred from hatred and wrath at a specific person and there are also motivations that can consider everyone as a target. And the specific motivations depend on people and society.”

Kujou slowly closed his eyes.

“The three stories you have seen are caused by the darkness inside the hearts of humans. Good and evil are defined by humans. However… Among the characters from these stories, who are good and who are evil?”


The time of the room ceased.

Enjoying the silence, Kujou opened his eyes and stood up.

“All the puzzles composed of superficial cases can be solved. However, the puzzles of the hearts of humans… probably cannot be solved even with a whole lifetime.”

Saying that, an arched smile appeared at the corners of Kujou’s mouth.


“Then everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you somewhere in the future.”

[Previous Chapter]                   [Table of Contents]                   [Next Chapter]

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