Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 1 Part 1

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Episode 1 Murder at Jouji Girls’ School

Part 1


“Hey! You!!”

The moment right after hearing the voice of the girl, the scarlet carpet under his feet crumpled up.

After stumbling for two or three steps, he finally lost his balance.

The tea cup from Wedgwood was wavering in the air with the oval tray that was polished to a mirror shine.

The tragedy happened after several moments emerged in Akira’s mind…


“That’s why I told you that you aren’t able to do it. Go away!”

The man who said that had the tea set which was supposed to fall onto the floor placed in his left hand. On the other side, he kept holding the cake stand in his right hand.

“This butler…is talented.”

Because the extraordinarily gorgeous rescue drama happened right in front of his eyes, Akira sighed with admiration while rolling on the floor.

The butler in black suits glanced at Akira rolling on the floor, but acted like nothing happened. He then stepped over Akira and walked towards  the girl.

“Kujou, is he okay?”

The girl mentioned concerned for him.

“Miss Yui, I will clean up the trash later, so please don’t worry.”

“Who is trash! You sadistic and horrible butler!!”

“Was that a howl from a masochist? Really… That’s because you were trying to do something that you weren’t able to. Understand it.”

While speaking, the butler called Kujou was quickly preparing for the afternoon tea.

Koushirou Kujou was the butler who worked at Hakoniwa Detective Agency. He was a tall man with long and silver hair. His age appeared to be around twenty. Even though he was a butler who was perfect for any work, he was sometimes invective towards a specific person.

According to himself, that seemed to be his individuality.

The girl whose eyes were shining while looking at the cakes by her hand was the master,Yui Mikami, of this agency.

She was a petite girl with chestnut brown hair who was very adorable with the black and white gothic lolita outfit on her. According to the general opinion, her age appeared to be close to a high school student’s; however, opposite to her appearance, she speaks like she has understood life.

And the guy who replaced the tea set which should be leaking the floor1 was a current high school student, Akira Satou. He was an ordinary man with nothing special that was worth talking about. The only thing he had that might earn praises from others was probably his superior positive way of thinking.

According to Kujou, “that guy is a masochist who has beyond a positive way of thinking.”

1. [ leaking the floor – a Japanese phrase used in MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) to describe the situation that a character of a player cannot fight anymore. When the character faces down, he looks like he is leaking he floor.]

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