Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 1 Part 10

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Episode 1 Murder at Jouji Girls’ School

Part 10


A few days after Mari was arrested.

This case had been reported on TV for several days in a row. Compared to the truth, the main point of the reports was mostly focusing on how bad and inhuman the offender was.

Sometimes, freedom of reports would become the their violence. It was the same for this case. Every station tried every way to attack Mari, the suspect.

Akira took a deep breath.

“There is no value watching this.”

While speaking, Yui powered the TV off.

“Hey, Yui… Kitamikado… Was she an abnormal person like they said she was on TV…? ”

Akira murmured in a soft voice,

“Do you agree with that?”

“No… I don’t think so… It might be weird…”

“Kitamikado’s sense of value… Was same as the colors of the traffic lights.”

“… The color of the… Traffic lights… ”

Akira looked up at the ceiling and recalled the majority and minority conversation that Kujou had talked about.

“… The color she had been seeing… What kind of color was it…”

“At least not the color that the majority sees. And that’s her common sense, and all her values.”

“Had she been seeing the wrong color?”

“I cannot say it’s wrong… Her way to express the color… Was simply incorrect.”

While saying that, Yui sipped the black tea with a little sense of loneliness.


Wishing to blow away the heavy atmosphere,  Akira asked with an abnormal amount of energy.

“Speaking of which, Kujou, have you reported to Nishino about this case?”

“Of course! It is the basics for a detective to report to the client swiftly and courteously. Don’t compare me to your bird brain1.”

After reminding Akira like that, Kujou took a deep breath.

“… Well… But… I had a complex facial expression… Even though the case was solved, the offender was a student from his own school.”

“But,” Yui smiled joyfully.

“When I said that ‘The spirit of Azusa behind Kentarou is smiling happily,’ he was delighted from the bottom of his heart. That report was probably the most delightful ever.”

“ I see. Azusa felt happy about that.”

Influenced by Yui, Akira laughed happily.

However, he recalled something, and turned his face to Kujou.

“Hey. Since when did you discover that Carter was not the offender?”

“Since the very beginning.”

“What!? You lied!! Didn’t you feel  that Carter was the offender like me!!”

“Then, little kid, why did you think Carter was the offender?”

“Eh!? That’s because… When Tamura bumped into me at the front gate of the school, he said ‘That rascal2’ when he passed by me, so I thought the offender might be a man since the beginning. Then after some investigation, there were only two men who were suspicious.”

“Did Tamura say ‘That rascal3?’”

“I’m not lying! He said ‘That rascal4’ for sure!!”

“No. I am asking whether you heard the word ‘That rascal’ in Kanji or not.”

“What!?” Akira opened his eyes widely.

“N… No… I am sure that I heard ‘That rascal’ in Kanji… So… That was…”

Kujou sighed once.

“You mixed Tamura’s ‘That rascal’ in Hiragana with ‘That rascal’ in Kanji. With different ways of expression, your brain arbitrarily converted ‘That rascal5,’ which represented the indignation of expressions, into ‘That rascal6,’ which separated the two genders. Was that the inception?”

“BBBBut, usually when people hear ‘Rascal7’, don’t they feel like it was referring to a man!?”

“Seriously… That’s why I said this in the beginning. Be careful about this: if you only focus on common sense, you may lose the basic of matters. As a loser and trash and idiot you really make me want you to disappear, and the dizziness makes me want to die.”

“Wait, wait, wait!!”

Akira attacked Kujou, who was criticizing, with his positive way of thinking. Then Yui smiled looking at them.

Today, the usual voice of curses, confusion, and laughter at Hakoniwa Detective Agency returned.

Akira felt the horror brought by the living darkness, which was darker than the phantoms, by himself.


The case regarding humans that Kujou dealt with.

And the case regarding spirits that Yui dealt with.

Both of them were work that would help a person that would help someone.

Akira thought that with confidence.

In his opinion, he enjoyed this part of the detective agency.

1. Bird brain – a Japanese phrase which describes a person with a head like a sieve.

2. That rascal – “rascal” in Kanji.

3. That rascal – “rascal” in Kanji.

4. That rascal – “rascal” in Kanji.

5. That rascal – “rascal” in Hiragana.

6. That rascal – “rascal” in Kanji.

7. That rascal – “rascal” in Hiragana.

[Previous Chapter]                   [Table of Contents]                   [Next Chapter]

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