Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 1 Part 6

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Episode 1 Murder at Jouji Girls’ School

Part 6


“The man who was investigated by the police as the suspect of the case of a female high school student being murdered was discovered lying in a park along the Sumida River1
with blood bleeding from his head. His death was confirmed later. The deceased was Yukitoshi Tamura, with an age of twenty-one. The scene contained a large amount of liquor bottles, so the police stated that it was possibly an accident. They’re trying to continue the investigation… ”

All the afternoon variety shows were discussing about this topic. Akira murmured with astonishment after watching the news at the detective agency.

“Hey, Kujou… So a case was solved… Right?”

No reply.

Akira turned his head back, and saw Kujou glaring at the TV screen with a deeper frown in between his brows than usual.

“… Inconceivable…”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Tamura had the motive to murder Azusa, but he had alibi at the same time. However… I can’t help thinking that his alibi was too perfect.”


“Yeah. Although persistently visiting a game center only before and after the case had happened works as an alibi, it’s inexplicable as an action.”

“Umm~ But even if we assume Tamura as the offender, he didn’t have time to murder Azusa, right?”

Kujou sighed once and started to contemplate after Akira asked the rhetorical question. But, he realized something in the next moment and clapped his hands.

All the attention focused on Kujou.

“The very last thing I did was asking Tamura if he had been into Private Jouji Girl’s High School. It contain the meaning of ‘have you invaded the school illegally in order to meet Azusa directly?’ Although I was actually trying to trick him into revealing the truth… His reaction seemed like nothing like that had happened.”

“Umm… I see… Then both Tamura’s death and his alibi are convincing.”

Placing the tea cup down, Yui became determined.

“Then let’s investigate the school again.”

“Yes, my lady.”

Kujou was determined as well, and bowed down his head.

“Wwwwait a moment! No, no, no, no, it’s impossible for me to understand your conversation!! What are you guys talking about!! There’s a limit to jumping topics!!”

Distraught, Akira yelled with nonsense as if it was the end of the world. However, Kujou was extremely calm.

“What? You’re the one who understand the most.”

“Eh!? Wwwhat do you mean?”

Kujou let out a long sigh.

“When we first went to Jouji School, there was guy who bumped into you at the front gate, right? That was Tamura.”

“… What? Wwwwwwwwwwhat!?”

Akira yelled with even a louder voice.

“The one with a hoodie? The one who murmured ‘That rascal?’ … But… But… Why was Tamura in the school?”

“You really make my head hurt. You’re not suitable to be a detective. Quit being a human,”

“There’s no relationship between a detective and a human!!”

“Listen to me. Tamura was meeting with someone in the school at that time, so I wondered if a quarrel had just happened. Then when he spoke of irritation unconsciously, he bumped into you. Tamura’s illegal invasion of the school and the murder suspect of Azusa, plus the excessively unnatural alibi. Consider these points as a whole, and the answer will come out.”

“Then… I’m thinking… ”

He had probably somehow realized something. Akira stopped for a breath.

“So the people regarding this series of cases are most likely within Private Jouji Girl’s High School.”

1. Sumida River – located in Tokyo, Japan.


[Previous Chapter]                   [Table of Contents]                   [Next Chapter]

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