Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 1 Part 8

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Episode 1 Murder at Jouji Girls’ School

Part 8


The next day, the three went to the school as soon as possible.

Separate from the other two people, Yui went to the classroom. Kujou asked straightforward questions to Nishino, who greeted them kindly in the principal’s office.

“I have some questions regarding Mr. Robert Carter, the original English teacher.”

“Eh?” Nishino was slightly astonished and stopped what he was doing.

“Where did you hear that from?”

“I heard it from my students. They said something like ‘The pronunciation of the previous English teacher was authentic.’”

“Yes, since he was American.”

“But I heard that he was suddenly transferred about a month ago.”

Nishino started to wipe away the sweat over his forehead.

“We suspect that Mr. Carter was related to the case of Azusa. Will you please tell us what you know about him? For example, the reason he was transferred suddenly.”

Kujou eyes were glittering profoundly. Nishino slowly opened his mouth with Kujou’s sharp gaze on him.

“In our school, there is a mailbox in front of the student council room. The students can submit whatever they are concerned about for their school life or what they want to suggest. It is a so-called suggestion box. One day after school, at the time when almost all teachers left, Kitamikado, the president of the student council, came to me with a letter. She wanted me to read the contents without asking first… Then I read it as she told me to do so…”

“What was written on it?”


“… It exposed that… Mr.Carter was in a romantic relationship with a female student in our school.”

“Ehh… Harsh….”

Akira expressed his disapproval instinctively when he heard the exposal.

“This was the first time something like that happened, so I am considering how to fix it. Personally, I think love itself should be free; however, the relationship between a teacher and a student is… People always have some thoughts on it… Plus, the female student is still a minor…”

“Then what did you do, Mr. Nishino?”

“I held a staff meeting. I was thinking about asking for the opinions of everyone.”

“I see.”

Kujou gave approval and sipped the green tea.

“Since it was related to the reputation of the school, did you handle it gently?”

Nishino answered, “Yes,” while wiping his sweat.

“Then, did Mr. Carter admit the truth?”

“Yes, he admitted it. He seemed to understand the positions of a student and a teacher; however, he said the student was such a gorgeous lady that he couldn’t control himself. He said it was all his fault.”

Umm, Kujou breathed out.

“I heard that Mr.Carter was transferred to Kumamoto1. Is this correct?”

“Right. He was transferred to Higo2 First High School.”

“Did he come back recently at any point?”

“No… I don’t think so. I have never heard about him being called back here after his transfer.”

“… Tamura didn’t go to Kumamoto; instead, Carter came to Tokyo… Also, why did they have to meet in the school… ”

Hearing Akira’s murmur, Kujou gave a side glance at him, then directed a question at Nishino.

“May I ask one more question? Did Mr. Carter say the name of the female student who he was in love with?”

“No. He said he couldn’t hurt who he loved, so in the end, he didn’t say.”

“That’s enough. Much appreciated.” Kujou bowed and urged Akira to leave the principal’s office together..

However, when he was at the door, he turned back.

“I forgot something. I have one last question. Did the letter from the mailbox have the name of the sender on it?”

“No. It was anonymous.”

“I see… Then who knew about the contents of the letter in this school ? ”

“Including me and Kitamikado, there are only two. I only said it during the conference, and Kitamikado knew the contents, but she said she brought it to me without telling anyone else.”

“I see. I understood. I appreciate your help.”

Satisfied, Kujou bowed with a smile.


The sounds of the two’s footsteps resounded in the hallway.

Kujou’s expression turned serious.

“We are going back to the agency right now.”

“What? Right now!?”

Even though it was early in the afternoon, Kujou said to return. His steps were fast for some reason.

“By the way, Kujou, where did Yui go? I thought she came to the school with us.”

“Ah!” Kujou recalled and stopped walking immediately.

“She said she’s participating in dessert making from this morning in the Skills for Living classroom…”

“Yui’s ability of smelling desserts is at the Devil Level3… Should we pick her up… ”


Roughly one hour after that, at the detective agency.

“Which. One. Should. I. Choose?”

Failing to have desserts at school, the sullen Yui returned to a good mood looking at the cluster of bite-sized puddings prepared by Kujou

“I just thought about it, is our investigation finished today? We’ve only asked about Carter.”

“Oh, that’s enough. By the way, kid, for two days starting tomorrow, your time is mine.”

“… Eh?… What?… Are you eulogizing your love for me!?”

“Go die!!”

One photograph was flying onto Akira’s face. There was a girl in it.

“Wait, this girl… Isn’t she… Kyouko?”

“Yes. She is Kyouko Akihara, form Grade 11 Class 1 of Private Jouji Girl’s High School. She was the one who told you about Carter.”

“Uh….So what’s going on with this girl?”

Kujou said after he squinted his eyes and dropped his tone of voice.


“Akihara will be attacked during this break.”


Akira’s eyes widened.

“The offender of this case has a time limit and knows the police and we are investigating and chasing after them. As proof, the offences are escalating. That’s why the cornered offender pursued an outcome… Let’s start now.”

“Wait a second. Isn’t Carter loved by Kyouko?”

“Carter is in love with someone else.”


Recalling of Kyouko’s sorrowful face, Akira gritted his teeth.

“There is a place I must go right now. I think I’ll be back soon, but before I come back, you have to guard Akihara.”

… To guard…

That also meant protecting Kyouko selflessly if she was actually attacked.

Anxiousness ran through Akira’s body.

“If you are afraid, you can choose not to do it.”

Yui said gently.

There was silence, as if they were waiting for Akira’s reply.


“… I am…  An idiot,  so I can’t make skillful conclusions like Kujou can; I can’t perceive spirits like Yui can either. But… I wanted to do something… I was always trying to find… If there’s something that I’m able to do. This case will be solved for Mr. Nishino. For that to happen, Kyouko has to be protected, right? Then I’ll do it!! ”

Akira thumped his chest with a fist while speaking.


Yui accepted Akira’s determination.

Akira, Yui, and Kujou looked at each other and smiled.

1. Kumamoto – the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan.

2. Higo – an old province of Japan in the area that is today Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.

3. Devil Level – a phrase describing a person’s ability that are very strong.

[Previous Chapter]                   [Table of Contents]                   [Next Chapter]

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