Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 2 Part 5

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Episode 2 Purification during Teatime

Part 5


Vivid, shiny red was poured into glossy, white teacups. Contrary to the nigiri tea from before, the candy tea was mild.

Yumiko’s face beamed with the most beautiful smile since she had come to this house. She drank the hot black tea with a satisfied expression.

The secret box placed in front of her was no longer a perfect geometric shape of a cuboid after several locks being unlocked, but turned out to be a complex, irregular shape.

According to Kujou, there was only one lock left.

However, the last lock could not be opened by normal means. All the techniques that had been used would not work.

After multiple incorrect trials, Yumiko’s endeavors were in vain, and she still could not open the last lock.

“I see… Maybe you are not able to open this lock right now,but you will definitely be able to do so when the time comes. Please do not give up until the last moment.”

Although Yumiko was already satisfied for being able to solve the secret box to this extent, she tried to control her thoughts at Kujou’s words, and decided to wait for when “the time” would be while taking a breath.


“What is your opinion on youkai?”

She was about to place the teacup back to the table, but when hearing that sudden question, her hand stopped.

“Yo, youkai? I think… They are not all bad. But they are something terrible which will harm humans. That’s why I’m in such a bad situation right now… Kujou, you are a detective who handles occult cases, right? So, of course, you believe in the existence of youkai? ”

Being asked, Kujou placed the teapot onto the table, and slowly opened his mouth.

“Yes. I believe. There are many youkai existing in Japan since a long time ago; however, I think they have changed a lot.”

She tilted her head because she did not understand what Kujou had just said.

Although Kujou realized it, his phone received a message before he could explain in detail.

“Excuse me.”

While speaking, Kujou checked his messages quickly.

Then he knitted his brows at the end of the message.

“… I see…”

“What happened?”

Tightening his expression, Kujou told her.

“All the mysteries had been solved. ”


Yumiko caught her breath slightly at the word “mysteries.”

Her tiny change could not escape from Kujou’s acute discernment.

“Please don’t worry. It is possible to find your disappeared mother. And at the same time, I will exorcise the youkai that possess you.”

“Eh!? Really!?”

“Yes. I will solve all your requests.”

Kujou smiled after speaking.

Then he answered the call from Akira.

“Hey, kid. How are you?”

“What!? What do you mean by ‘How are you?’ Idiot!!”

Yumiko showed a wry smile at the usual loud voice leaking out from the speaker.

“It sounds like you are fine. That’s better than anything.”

“I am really tired!! I was investigating all the time after that. Although I went to the dessert stores with Yui, I haven’t had a single bite of anything!!”

“Is miss Yui satisfied?”

Akira breathed out and answered with his powerless voice.

“… Extremely satisfied…”

“Oh. Then that’s enough.”

Kujou’s voice was noticeably cheerful.

“By the way, where are you guys right now?”

“We are going back. Almost arrived at the agency”

“I got it. Then, is that case alright?”

“Yeah. I did the exact same as the second message instructed, and the worker in the cookie sandwich store told me everything when I asked them. She is really a regular customer. Wow~ Your inference is so awesome…”

As if he was not pleased at all for being praised by the kid, Kujou ended the call.

“The kid who does all the odd jobs and went out will be back soon. Before that, let’s talk about the all the youkai who possess you.”

After speaking, he used the candy tea to wet his lips slightly.

“So let’s go straight into the conclusion. There aren’t any witnesses regarding betobeto-san, makurakaeshi, or other youkai you had talked about.”


Bowing her head down, Yumiko’s expression was clouded.

“The witnesses of the youkai and spirits became rumors in one way or another. Usually, the information is exchanged through the Internet. However, it doesn’t apply to this case at all… I’m thinking that if you are targeted by someone. ”

Her face showed an expression of “Eh!?”

“I am… targeted…?”

“Yes. That’s correct. Ah, oh. Can I ask you a crazy question?”

“What is it?”

“Do you understand the difference between spirits and youkai?”

It was something that did not seem to be related to the topic.

She was taken aback by the question, but shook her head after thinking for a while.

Looking at Yumiko, Kujou took in a large breath and formed his language slowly,

“Sprits are something unclear, while youkai are a ghastly phenomena that people are able to share the same experience.”

“O… Oh.”

Received an ambiguous reply, Kujou the tutor started to explain it detailedly.

“Youkai like betobeto-san and makurakaeshi are phenomena that happen right by your side. You will hear the footsteps, your pillow will be moved, your body will feel tired, and you will hear that sound. You have actually experienced all of these, correct?”

“Yes. That’s why they became my stress.”

“In fact, you are experiencing the grotesque phenomena. However, they are not shared with others. If they are phenomena caused by youkai, there is a doubtful point. Then something came to mind. Someone is following you.”

“Eh!? Do you mean a stalker!?”


Yumiko’s face stiffed because of Kujou’s serious expression. She now understood the meaning of she was “targeted by someone.”

Realizing something, her trembling voice leaked out.

“Wait, wait… A second… The place I saw the youkai was… In my … House… Which means, that guy… Was able get in and out my home freely… ”

Imaging about a chain of events, she could feel the cold sweat coming out from her palms. She desperately wiped the sweat off.

Observing her for a while, Kujou breathed out and softened his face expression.

“I apologize. I scared you. Please calm down. There isn’t anyone stalking you. According to the person who does all the odd things, there are no witnesses of suspicious people on the streets, and the police in charge of that region did not hear anything about it either.”

Yumiko’s mind was instantly relieved.

“Plus, from what you had said, you rarely go out, so you don’t seem to have much contact with others. Under that circumstance, it is difficult to imagine who is targeting you; however, if that’s the case…”

Kujou placed his index finger in front of his lips and spoke after a few seconds of thinking.

“… There is still a mystery left… Who caused the phenomena you experienced at home? What is the being that made you feel stressful and unfortunate?”

However, contrary to the speaking, Kujou looked straight into Yumiko’s eyes.




Being stared at by Kujou’s eyes, which could see through everything, Yumiko could not move.

And then she felt she was sweating cold sweat.

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