Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Episode 3 Part 11

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Episode 3  Under the Cherry Blossom Tree…

Part 11


The next day, all TV news programs were reporting the case regarding the corpses buried under cherry blossom trees, which had progressed suddenly.

The true face of the vicious offender who murdered four teens.

Revealing the whole picture of Takeshi Nagase and the case.

For example, although there were a lot of programs revealing the offender, who had disturbed the society, they were altered with the passing of time. Within three days, the name of the case became “The Revenge Play after Twenty-five Years.”

And although the suspects were protected by the Juvenile Act twenty-five years ago and the transmission ability of information was low at that time, and the personal information of the suspects were kept secret before, it was different now.

The personal information of the four people who put Yukiko Nagase onto the road of suicide was exposed continuously everywhere.

Their names at that time were exposed, the details of bullying were leaked out, and even their addresses and phone numbers were revealed to the public.

And the interest of the general public focused on the four housewives, who put a person onto the road of suiciding but lived a normal life happily after that.


“Hey, Kujou. So Mr. Takeshi’s revenge was successful?”

In the dining room of the detective agency, Akira asked while drinking the bitter Darjeeling tea.

“Well, I think so. He returned his suffer and hatred in their entirety. There are no methods better than this. Plus, he also ensnared the mothers who are still alive. It was probably a perfect result to him.”

“Umm, but could a normal person kill innocent children in order to make their mothers experience the same suffering that he had?”

Akira asked because he could understand what Kujou was saying, but could not understand it emotionally.

“It wasn’t about can or cannot. Takeshi Nagase did it… Probably his desire of vengeance was that strong… I guess that was the feeling of one’s child being deprived by others.”

Kujou sighed in a lonely manner and closed his eyes.

As if she was to add onto it, Yui opened her mouth.

“Crimes are changing over time. In recent years, especially the juvenile delinquency is deteriorating in ways that could not be seen. And I think the laws are completely mistaken for the personal information that should be protected.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is the same now as it was back then that when minors commit heinous murders, the victims are reported with their real names, while avoiding the real names of the perpetrators. I feel like they think that the lives of the dead have ended but the offenders who are still alive should be respected. Well, this not only applies to the Juvenile Act. I think for most cases, the judges in general judge that if someone dies, his life ends… I can hear the voices of the souls of the dead. That’s probably why I think they are lonely and deserve empathy.”

Saying that, Yui closed her eyes like Kujou had done.

Akira used the chair to support himself and stared at the ceiling blankly.


… After a while…


“… Mr. Takeshi, Mrs. Tomoko, and Yukiko. Are they happy for being together on that side?”

Akira’s voice contained sorrow.

Hearing that question, Kujou opened his eye. He said that this was told by Mr. Gen and continued.

“Before Mr. Takeshi ended his life, he sprinkled the ashes of Miss Yukiko and Mrs. Tomoko under that cherry blossom tree.”

“Eh… Then, at that time… The petals blown from the ground that we’ve seen…”

Yui slowly opened her eyes and smiled.

“Probably the two… were welcoming him.”

Triggered by that sentence, Kujou and Akira smiled as well.

“… I see…”


With Akira’s pleasant but sorrowful words, the curtains of a revenge play which cost a man twenty-five years were drawn to a close.

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