Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler Prologue

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“Welcome to our Hakoniwa Detective Agency.”


A man with silver hair and the encompassment of black suits slowly opened his mouth.

“My name is Koushirou Kujou. I am a butler and a detective of this agency. Although there are many different types of detective businesses, we mainly handle these two types of mysteries:”

While speaking, Kujou pointed out his index finger of his right hand.

“The first type is the one our master, Miss Yui Mikami, handles, which includes cases that are related to the supernatural. Should we call them as the so-called occult events? These are the ones which can only be solved by Miss Yui’s second sight. But, I will introduce this case to you later.”

After his voice faded out, Kujou then pointed out his middle finger.

“The second type is the one I handle, which are cases that are atrociously difficult. These cases mainly include murders and esoteric mysteries. The stories I will introduce to everyone are handled by me. These three stories are complicated, while outrageously beauteous. I wish you’ll enjoy them.”

After Kujou’s courteous bow, there appeared an adorable girl.

“Kujou, bring me some assam tea with milk.”

“Yes, Miss Yui. I will prepare strawberry millefeuille as well.”

Immediately after that, noises rushed into the peaceful detective agency.

“Yeah — I heard that!! I want to eat millefeuille, too!!”

“Akira, you are so early today. Was school over?”

The juvenile named Akira seemed to be a high schooler. He sat onto the chair as a matter of course.

“Right, right, it was over ~ Oh, Kujou, I want black tea, too~”

“OK, I understood. Then I will pour the hot water burned by the red-hot hellfire into your mouth immediately!!”

“Oh no! Stupid! Stop! I am truly going to die by this!!”


And then, the curtains of the story of Hakoniwa Detective Agency were raised in jollification.

[Previous Chapter]                   [Table of Contents]                   [Next Chapter]

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