Past SE Announcement

TLDR for unaware people: They used to work with me. Now they don’t and what they’re attempting is basically an unfair steal. They didn’t even tell me beforehand and the whole website’s basis was for bashing.

Ok, this above here is the first “About Us” that was changed. Originally I didn’t want to do this, but they changed it and there’s one point that really infuriated me. I’m going to address this and the new one, especially the point that made me most mad, that I excluded them.

I never excluded them. That were the ones who stopped by themselves. “Meow”/EZ$ had stopped so long ago I don’t even remember when she quit. I even tried dragging her back for a short period of time to help with checking the accuracy of Chinese because Woof said she hated checking accuracy and she didn’t trust anybody else when I said I would get someone else.

I and Woof had arguments of terminology before and it was getting out of hand. We did votes on terminology, but there were still many small things that we argued about. There was this one time that I even got three random friends to choose which way they liked it better and she still denied it. You know what she said? J dislikes me, E is stupid, and the third person I forgot the reason, but the first two reasons pissed me off. We decided to split up which chapters to translate to cut down on amount of small things that could be argued about. Really at this point in time, I was the only one translating and Woof was check for accuracy right before uploading. We arranged for me to be in charge of the 40s of the old raws and she was in charge of the 50s. I had finished the 40s and later jumped to the 60s. By the time I was on 66, she was still on 51. As in hadn’t even finished 51.

I had warned her a whole month beforehand that if she didn’t translate, we were going to run out on AP exam week. She hadn’t been translating for a whole month, which was why I decided warn her. Still, she didn’t translate and I had already planned on not translating since my chapters were planned to be released during the summer. It pretty much looked like the last friend had ditched. I had already translated 60-66, which is probably why they planned that ambush on 67-70. I mentioned that a slew of chapters was coming on a post before this nasty business started. Those are from the time when I had already translated 60-66. Edit: Because I was using different raws, the 60-66 were about 68-79 on the new raws I am using. When I did the crazy 20 chapter upload, I had basically been hysterical for the last three days.

So after a long time of no uploads, I saw these two comments that were disappointed and wish there had at least been an announcement post. I told Woof AND Meow, who just happened to be there that I was going to be translating from 51 because she hadn’t been delivering. She hadn’t been translating for TWO MONTHS, so I had given up on her, and I even told her face to face, hey, I’m going to be translating since you stopped.

Now I’m going to be addressing the other things that didn’t piss me off so much and hold some truth, but don’t give justification:

I came up with the idea of translating and even attempted running a small club and I asked Woof to recommend me a story. She came up with Stunning Edge. That is true. But saying they were the ones who “first thought of and started on the idea of translating Stunning Edge” is a stretch. I can see how they can view Stunning Edge as “theirs”, but ditching and then deciding to try and steal it through an ambush like that……

True, they did put in a lot of work. They helped the most out of everybody I asked. All the credits are still there on the blog posts for who did what. But I have always been doing the most out of anybody, and currently, it’s all been me for Stunning Edge.

These truths doesn’t justify what they’re doing right now at all.

Edit: At this point in time all I can guess is this:

  • readingattic actually did want to translate SE but disliked working with me because there was so much fueled up arguments on both sides. We both thought we were right.
  • I guess they viewed this website as “mine” more which was why they bought the website. I had thought they were attempting to take over SE and now I see my fears were not in vain. Perhaps they truly believe that their’s is better considering they copied and pasted the first 40 or so chapters over…
  • Trying to steal it is a very unfair move. They still haven’t talked to me directly and I intend to do the same. Their website was created on the sole basis of bashing me.
  • They jump ahead for the sole purpose of viewership and give the reasoning to unaware readers of “just to give a little more”. Otherwise, they would be translating from chapter 40, where they had stopped translating.

Originally, this was a deleted blog post because I didn’t want to keep getting infuriated, but I see there are some people who are unaware of the situation



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