SE Chapter 171

Chapter 171:

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“Sinner with the Dark Mark, your soul shall be purified today.” The pope’s white robe flapped with the wind. He appeared extraordinarily righteous.

Claire immediately understood!

So this was the reason!

The Temple knew that she was the one with the Dark Mark, so they were to kill her at all costs.

Claire’s knuckles were already pale, clenched so tightly her nails dug into her flesh, yet she did not notice. Her hand dripped with bright, piercing blood, dyeing it red.

Endless pain, sorrow, and anger swallowed Claire whole. She stared at the pope fixedly, her emerald eyes bloodshot, becoming more and more red. Her malevolent expression became even more terrifying.

“Tighten the net!” the pope ordered. He did not know why, but when faced with Claire’s hateful gaze, he felt unease.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Claire roared into the sky suddenly, her voice filled with rage and grief. The sound pierced the night sky towards the horizon. Everyone’s heart started to beat.

The pope’s sense of unease grew stronger, but he could not care for it. He raised his hand high. With a flash of white light, a giant scepter appeared in his hand.

“Great goddess of light, please bestow upon me strength. Light of the sky, converge here…” The pop chanted quickly as he raised the scepter and point it at Claire, who was still trapped inside the net of light. At the end of the scepter, a ball of light appeared, gradually growing in size.

Claire looked up towards the sky, her gaze vacant. As she slowly stood up, Claire felt as if time stopped.

In an instant, Claire emitted golden light that grew until it engulfed her completely. The golden light looked so pure and holy that. Gradually, it became brighter than the white light of the net and the light at the tip of the scepter.

What was going on? The pope was taken aback. A final struggle?

The twelve cardinals could not bear the strong light and squinted, watching Claire. Clearly it was Claire who was being pressured by them, but why were the ones to feel uneasy them?

“Today, I will teach you what regret means!” Claire roared. She brandished her hand high. Suddenly, the devil net shattered. A golden flame snaked along the lines of the net towards the twelve cardinals, as if alive.

The next instant, there were multiple painful cries. Some cardinals did not even have the time to cry out before their chests became huge, bloody holes. You could see the trees behind them through their bodies.

Not even a trace of the net was left.

The pope’s face ashened. He knew Claire would be hard to deal with, but did not expect it to be this difficult. Earlier, when she roared, it seemed her strength had increased. Did she ascend another level? A breakthrough? But the pope immediately cast away this thought. Impossible! She was already a sorcerer, what level could she ascend to? How could she make a breakthrough in such a situation? The only possibility was that Claire was a trapped beast! This was only her final struggle.

The pope relaxed slightly. He finished his incantation, then swung forward with all his might. The huge ball of light at the top of the scepter streaked towards Claire violently.

Claire laughed coldly, not intending to dodge at all. With a wave of her hand, a sword appeared!

It was the Azure Ripple blade!

Originally ordinary looking, the moment Claire drew the Azure Ripple blade, it radiated with light, then shattered to reveal its true form! The pattern on the hilt was ancient and profound, whereas the blade was abnormally sharp, imbued with a terrifying, cold hue.

This was the true appearance of the Azure Ripple blade! Only now could Claire use its true power!

The transformative Azure Ripple blade! An artifact!

Claire dashed forward. With one slash, she cut the giant ball of light in half!

Her expression cold, she passed through the remains of the ball of light, heading straight for the terrified pope. The two halfs struck the ground, boring two giant craters. Dirt and rocks flew, trees fell.

The pope dodged Claire’s strike hastily.

The blade appeared wild and uncontrolled.

But in that instant, the pope felt as if the sword was very, very slow, so slow he could see the reflection of himself in the blade. The pope wanted to dodge, but realized he could not. He could only watch on with his eyes wide open as the blade struck towards his chest.

The Azure Ripple blade, glimmering with golden flame, slashed right into the pope’s shoulder.

The pope’s eyes were filled with shock, then turned pained. The power of the slash was not that simple! An unbearable, burning pain spread throughout his entire body from his shoulder wound.


It was still the pope, after all. With a roar, the scepter shot another ball of light towards Claire.

Her expression indifferent, Claire raised her sword. With a slight whish, a pair of golden wings extended behind her back. She flew up to avoid the pope’s attack.

Now, the pope did not dare to be careless. The strange pain from his shoulder made him painfully aware. The overbearing pain surged through his body violently. He finally understood that Claire had indeed made another breakthrough at such a critical time!

What level was Claire at now?

The pope did not dare to be careless any more. There was only one way left for him to eliminate Claire.

The pope suddenly withdrew far away, then raised his hands towards the sky, a most devout expression on his face.

“Divine possession!”

Claire knew without thinking that the old fox was using some sort of last resort. How could she let him have the opportunity?

Her face icy, Claire dashed forward, sword raised, but was blocked by several white figures. They were cardinals. She turned to look and saw that the other cardinals still alive were also raising their hands to the sky with devout expressions like the pope.

Claire immediately understood that the cardinals before her were trying to stop her from preventing the others from finishing at all costs. These thoroughly brainwashed cardinals were using all their might to stop Claire and let the pope and the other few cardinals finish their incantations.

Once Claire struck flying the last cardinal, some of them had already finished their spell. Claire narrowed her eyes as she watched the eerie scene before her.

The cardinals who finished each grew a pair of pure white wings, their expressions cold, gaze icy. They held swords, shields, scepters. The pope also finished. He grew three pairs of pure white wings and had a silver bow!

Claire immediately understood. The “divine possession” allowed angels to possess their bodies in order to help them in battle. The cardinals had summoned angels with only one pair of wings whereas the pope had three pairs. The difference in power was clear.

“Lowly human, your black and ugly soul should not exist. Become ashes.” The pope’s voice changed. Compared to his previously elderly voice, this voice was much younger, only a little similar in that it was cold.

There were five cardinals who were possessed, six, considering the pope. Claire did not dare to be careless. The pressure the pope emitted was not that of a human any more. The six winged angel was very powerful! And archers were the natural enemies of magicians. But, in terms of close combat, archers were no match for warriors.

Claire gripped the Azure Ripple blade tightly, her eyes narrowing. The five cardinals encircled Claire with her in the center. The pope’s pairs of wings flapped as he flew in mid air, creating distance from Claire. To an Archer, distance was very important.

Three out of the five remaining cardinals were warriors. These three flew towards Claire and started to fight her. Claire was shocked. The cardinals were completely different from before. While the three cardinals fought Claire, the remaining two cardinals continuously cast attacking spells. Under their coordinated attacks, Claire could only barely defend.

What was the pope doing? The three cardinals were fighting her in close combat, so what could the pope, an archer, do? Claire blocked a sharp attack from behind as she mused. But immediately, Claire felt an abnormally intense aura from the cardinal before her. Claire cursed, but it was already too late. A ray of white light pierced through the cardinal like lightning, attacking Claire fiercely. The cardinals to the left and right of Claire immediately brandished their swords. Claire raised her sword to defend, but was not able to avoid the arrow. The arrow shot straight into Claire’s shoulder. Burning pain spread through her body.

How malicious, going so far as to shoot dead a cardinal to hit Claire.

As the arrow pierced through the cardinal, his body flashed with white light. The angel that possessed him left, but the cardinal remained dead.

Their plan was clear.

Suicide. No, it could be said that the cardinals were sacrificed, but the angles were perfectly unharmed. They had to kill her at all costs.

Her opponents would attack her with no regard to their lives. Their only goal was to slow Claire down. But there was no way Claire would let them have their way so easily.

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10 thoughts on “SE Chapter 171

  1. Reading all through out this chapter I was like “ yeaaaaah, fucking kill those bitches!! Butcher them aaaaaall” 🌚

    Thaaaank you so much for the chapter and to the amazing sponsor!!😆


  2. chants needs moar blood

    On a more serious note, Sure looks like Claire’s pretty much top dog at the moment considering she’s fighting her way out of a trap pretty easily (and at least on the surface, pope’s already used his trump cards.)

    Still more interested to know how the everloving **** they’re gonna try to turn this back into a “normal” storyline. (i.e how the political fallout from this is gonna end.)

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  3. Hey, now that Claire has gone Super Saiyan, maybe she could go collect the seven dragon balls and resurrect Katherine? No? Sigh, but who’s going to save the world from Claire if Katherine isn’t around? ☹️


  4. So I didn’t know angles served the holy light now… I guess we should all fear this geometric typo 😛

    As for the chapter sigh the amount of escalation here… And as Dark Jackel said the loss of Katherine i.e. the only person Claire truly cared about is really bad news for the world…


  5. Just wanna say that i am goddam disappointed that you guys(who translate) seemly have no idea that it already exists chapters of this series that are well above 30-40 chapters where you guys are now.. you guys are simply and plainly just taking money for what already exist and translated that have no need to be done again… so get your heads in the game and start from where it actually left off !


    • 1) We translated it first. Stolen from us, but I continued on translating and all content is original. I’m sure if you do any comparisons at all, you could tell this is a completely different work. You say “that have no need to be done again”, so I imagine you already know this. I have an old post addressing this. I continued because I had fans who said they would continue to read only my work no matter what, because really, anyone who has any sense of ethics can tell how immoral the other side is. If I discontinued, I would be letting them down.
      2) All the money is donated. “Taking money” is all for a cause. If you had the patience to look for 3 seconds on the Donations page, you would see where this money goes. It is more productive than if WordPress was the only one benefiting with the views. People donate out of their own will based off of the quality of the work they see and out of their own goodwill. I did not force anyone to donate, if you somehow reached that idea.
      3) I have no idea how far behind I am, nor do I care. This is my own hobby. I enjoy translating and receiving feedback. This is not a “game” or some kind of competition. It’s an outlet for me to enjoy myself and have others enjoy my work as I continue to learn Chinese in this difficult method and practice my writing skills. (My use of diction and precision of the English language has been much improved after this site, not going to lie.)
      4) If you are simply too thirsty, you could try to copy and paste chapters into a website called If you learn any basic Chinese grammar or syntax, you can basically read Chinese web novels to your hearts content. This is what I originally did before realizing I wanted others to be able to read what I read in the same style as I interpreted it. Of course I am a fan just like you, otherwise how on earth could I translate more than 200 chapters of Chinese by now? Please take some other people’s thoughts into consideration before biting into others senselessly with no consideration of their emotions or motivations. If you came here just to bash on me because you’re too thirsty for new chapters, please leave.

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    • If you’re referring to the translations on Reading Attic, we’re about… 5 chapters behind compared to that one at max? remember that Reading Attic splits off it’s chapters into lots of smaller chapters so it seems like it’s more but it’s actually not. Perhaps you should get on their website and post scathing remarks about how they aren’t translating this series either?

      More importantly, who are you to demand that translator translate something else other than what they want to translate? Calling a free service “disappointing” because it doesn’t meet what you want is just silly. You’re obviously not paying a single cent to read anything here so why do you care that others may or may not be donating money for more chapters?

      I don’t see a bar on the right that says “no more chapters until y amount is donated”, how are you so aware that this site somehow sucks money out of the pockets of people?

      What laughable logic.

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