SE Chapter 71

Chapter 71:

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At nightfall, Claire leaned against a pillar in the corridor with cold air blowing. Summer felt around and also leaned against the side.

“Claire, what are you thinking about?” Summer asked with her head tilted.

“Nothing.” Claire replied without a thought.

“Nonsense, you’re thinking about that annoying Father, right?” Summer pouted.

Claire fell silent, not speaking any more.

“You’re implying that you agree.” Summer said certainly. After saying that, she looked up towards the stars and said, “You having that kind of a father is even more annoying that not having one. My father died trying to save me when I was little. I’ve remembered my entire life what my father said then. Live, only by living is there hope. That was the last bit of love I received from my father.” Summer sighed quietly.

“So it was like that…” Claire responded in a low voice. That was why she had such an intense clash with Claire’s father today.

“That’s right. That’s why when I saw your father was actually so disgraceful, I got angry and wasn’t able to control myself.” Summer stuck out her tongue.

“I actually need to thank you. You defended me so much.” Claire smiled, her smile filled completely with sincerity.

“Then how are you going to thank me? I want the most valuable treasure in the world, can you give me it?” Summer asked mischievously, sticking her waist out.

“There will definitely be a day when I give you the most precious treasure in the world.” Claire promised, smiling.

“Good, you said it, don’t break your promise.” Summer reached out happily towards Claire.

Claire revealed a knowing smile and also reached her hand out. The two small hands grasped each other tightly.

But never in her dreams did Summer think that her words today would actually be fulfilled by Claire. The most valuable treasure in the world was really given to her. Of course, that’s something to talk about later.

“You are my first friend.” Summer tightly grasped Claire’s hand and said solemnly.

“You are also my first friend.” Claire tightened her grasp on Summer’s hand.

(TL: HmmmMMM? What’s that supposed to mean, what do Jean and them represent for you, huh?)

The two girls looked at each other while smiling. Everything was said in that silent moment.

Suddenly, a slight, abnormal movement in the air made Claire be on guard. Claire quickly pulled Summer behind her.

The next moment, a figure appeared nimbly from the stone wall in front of them, a shining dagger silently pressed to Claire’s throat. If just the slightest bit of force was used, the dagger would be able to pierce through Claire’s throat.

Now Walter started crying out in surprise, “Who is this person? There’s actually Dark aura on their body, there really is. Also, you actually didn’t discover her coming close? It can’t be? Claire, aren’t you really skilled? Aren’t you the best at this? How did you suddenly lose your touch? Someone came close to you and you didn’t detect it?”

Claire watched the person clothed in black alertly. The petite figure indicated that the terrifying person who came like a ghost was a woman. It wasn’t that she hadn’t discovered her, but that she had discovered her too late. Just as Claire discovered her, she had already approached her.  

Summer was so anxious her palms were full of sweat. Claire looked at the black clothed woman and didn’t move.

If this black clothed woman just thrusted slightly with her dagger, Claire’s light would be taken.

Who on earth was this frightening woman?

“This woman if really frightening. You didn’t even discover her. Now what do we do? Claire, you should use magic and hit her flying.” Walter hurriedly shouted.

If she could, then Claire would have pinched Walter so hard he fainted. If she could hit her flying, did he even need to mention it?

Although right now Claire didn’t dare to counterattack, she knew her life was in danger, because that vile god of Darkness would definitely appear whenever she was in danger.

But the woman actually didn’t make any other movements.

“Hmph.” The petite figure snorted disdainfully, then turned around and disappeared.

A peal of cold wind blew, bringing Claire and Summer back to their senses.

Summer grabbed Claire’s clothes tightly and asked, terrified. “Claire, what’s going on, what is up with that woman? So mysterious.”

“I don’t know. This woman is very strong. I discovered her just then, but even though I discovered her, I wasn’t able to dodge.” Claire said seriously, puzzled, “But what did her action just then mean? She didn’t seem like she intended on killing me. On the contrary, it seemed a little like flaunting.”

“Flaunting?” Summer was puzzled. What did she mean?

“Flaunting that she could kill me but didn’t.” Claire said seriously.

“There’s such a senseless person?” Summer opened her mouth wide, somewhat incredulous.

“There’s all kinds of people in the world.” Claire looked up at the vast night, but she kept on guessing who on earth the outstanding and skilled person was. She thought over and over, but wasn’t able to think of who had any grievances to do this kind of senseless action.

“Claire, as expected, with you, dangers will automatically come knocking at the door.” Summer started crying, looking like she still had lingering fears.

Claire: “……..”

“But seeing that the first thing you did was pull me behind you to protect me, I’ll still be your friend.” Summer said very righteously as she posed, hands on her hips as she swung them.

“Go wash and sleep.” Claire said, stupefied, sweating from the back her head.

(TL: sounds weird in english, but think of manga/manhua/manhwa characters when they see a really shameless action)

“Yeah, I know. I’ll go to sleep.” Summer said goodnight and turned and left.

Claire sat on the stone wall, quietly leaning on the pillar. Suddenly, she thought of something and called, “Walter, Walter!”

“What?” Walter impatiently replied. “Isn’t it time to sleep right now?”

“Just then you said you sensed that that assassin had Dark aura on them?” Claire asked, frowing.

“Yes. That kind of concealed and hard to perceive Dark aura, even the Temple of Light can’t sense it, haha, but I, Walter, could definitely discover it.” Walter boasted.

But Claire was silent. Who could it be with the trace of Dark aura? And they could conceal it so well. She didn’t have any grievances with a person with this kind of background, right?

Meanwhile, that petite, black figure had already left Camille’s house, disappearing into an alley. In a tidy little hotel, a blonde haired young man was currently leaning against the window, looking into the night. The next moment, a figure silently appeared behind him. A bright dagger was pressed to his throat.

But the blonde haired handsome man’s expression was calm. He said quietly, “Did you meet her yet?”

“Tch!” The person clicked their tongue unhappily, withdrew the dagger, and then teared off the black cloth that was covering their face. They walked to the side of a table and sat, unsatisfied, then poured herself a cup of water, gulped it down. “How did you know I went to look for her?”

“You think I don’t know you well?” The handsome blonde haired man smiled and walked over, also sitting down. He looked at the woman who looked somewhat similar to him. The woman appeared to be less than twenty, also had golden colored hair, azure pupils, and was a standard beauty.

“Yes, you understand. As the elder brother who has lived with me for so many years, how could you not understand me?” The woman said, peeved, setting down the cup with a thud.  

“But I don’t understand her. Why she abandoned us for such a disgraceful man, abandoned our family.” The blonde haired man’s gaze suddenly became cold, squeezing out these kinds of words from the gaps of his teeth.

“Elder brother, you’re still tangling with this question. It’s already been so many years, something that has been an unalterable fact for so long.” The blonde haired girl sighed quietly. Of course she knew that person would forever pain her elder brother’s heart. To her, it was the same. That’s why she went tonight to see that person’s child.

“How was the child?” The blonde haired man suddenly asked. “Is she the same as the rumors?”

“Not bad, she actually discovered me. Although she couldn’t dodge, she didn’t fear death. She even pulled her friend behind to protect her immediately.” The blonde haired woman poured another cup and said seriously.

The blonde haired man frowned slightly. He understood his younger sister to the point that he couldn’t understand her even more. She was proud and arrogant. A person who could make her make this kind of assessment would mean that they were not just ‘not bad’ in truth.

“In other words, she’s different from the rumors?” The blonde haired man asked.

“As for that, I don’t know. In the rumors, she’s an idiotic man-chaser. For the idiotic part, she doesn’t seem like it. As for if she’s a man-chaser, I don’t have a way to confirm that part.” The blonde haired girl yawned and stood up. “But, elder brother, don’t forget our purpose for this trip.”

“I know. You should go and rest.” The blonde haired man said indifferently.

The blonde haired girl looked back and warned. “Also, elder brother, ‘that person’ is in the imperial palace. It’s best if you don’t get any thoughts of wanting too see, it’s too dangerous. If we don’t achieve the purpose of this trip and something also happens to you… You know that old man’s temper.”

The blonde haired man was silent, not saying a word.

“Elder brother, did you not hear what I said? I’ve already lost a dear person. I don’t want anything to happen to you!” The blonde haired woman was a bit angered, raising her voice as she shouted.

After a long time the blonde haired man let out, “I know. You should go rest.”

The blonde haired girl gave a humph, turned to open the door, and left.

The blonde haired man slowly got up, stood beside the window, and silently watched vast night scene, his feelings extremely complex. The distance between him and that person was so close, but he couldn’t go to see her once?

The blonde haired man slowly raised his hand, an average looking ring on his finger. With a flip of his hand, a round bronzeware about the size of a fist appeared out of nowhere in the blonde haired man’s hand. That ring was actually an interspatial ring, something that was rare throughout the entire continent! The bronzeware in the man’s hand had a simple design that emitted an indescribable mysterious aura, and the bronzeware had an empty cavity in the middle, like it was missing something. The blonde haired man gently stroked the cavity. It was lacking a precious pearl there. Once they found the precious pearl and inlaid it, it would be able to show a splendid road, finding treasure.

At that time, would he be able to find everything he had lost? Would his wishes be satisfied?

The next day, Claire didn’t go to classes because she knew that once she got to school, Lashia would definitely grab, not letting her go, and let out a torrent of words that would compliment Father, then plead her to go back home. She didn’t want to go back to the home that didn’t have Katherine, or at least, she didn’t want to now.  

Claire sat in Camille’s back garden, reclining on a rocking chair, swaying back and forth. Small blasts of cool wind blowing felt extremely satisfying and coupled with drinking Camille’s expensive scented tea, it felt more satisfying.

“Claire, Claire, come and see, there’s something good, something good.” Summer’s voice came from afar.

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  1. (TL: HmmmMMM? What’s that supposed to mean, what do Jean and them represent for you, huh?)
    ans: possible harem member (don’t feel like putting reverse in that statment) or worst case scenario servants that she is manipulating


  2. Is the woman somehow claire’s aunty? Since from the way she talk about claire, it look’s like she know her better like a family? Or the man that has been refered as big brother is a person that want to marry katherine, but because some circumstances, he failed?

    This is getting interesting…


  3. Summer and Claire are now friends. ^-^
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  5. Chapter review: Summer is in the harem list? let us find out in the future.

    Claire’s mother have a incredible background? Yes, this ‘assassin’ just confirmed it.

    These people are somehow related to her? Yes, the blonde guy must be someone from a good clan in his land and he’s love struck with Katherine. Katherine clan must have tried to marry her with this guy (with this guy going to their door to ‘request’ her hand in marriage) and she fled with Claire’s father seeking freedom.

    Well let us see if all this confirms in the future


  6. Well Jean is like her guard, so not really a friend and she doesn’t really [IMO] share like friendly feelings with him presently. IF she does, then she doesn’t really realize it yet.
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    Cliff is her master so that’s not friends for sure.
    Walter is like her spirit slave.
    The princess she probably doesn’t fully trust because she did invite claires’ mother into the palace in order to rope in her family to help prince Nancy in the royal struggles, which im sure claire is not happy about.

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    Is it rude to ask why that translator picked up Stunning Edge when you are still translating it? thank you. you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…i was just wondering.


    • I guess maybe they thought I was too forceful because someone commented that they said that not letting them post posts was excluding them… even though I didn’t even know they wanted that. I’ve been thinking about if I did anything wrong. I think it went in a cycle of as they slipped off and did less work I took more control and they were less willing to work perhaps. Like I had started posting the updates myself because they had stopped really working.But I still don’t understand why they’re pulling such an underhanded move. If you read their about us, the whole thing just seems to be bashing me. I don’t really understand what they want at all.

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  9. You are also my first friend.” Claire tightened her grasp on Summer’s hand.

    (TL: HmmmMMM? What’s that supposed to mean, what do Jean and them represent for you, huh?)

    <—– Minions! Obviously! XD XD XD

    … but seriously, I deeply regret that there is no equivalent of bromance for females… I would totally ship that…


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