Stunning Edge Glossary

I know this is not really an index, but I don’t know what to call it, whatever

edit: shout out to kirindas, changed to glossary

Magicians’ (魔法师) Rankings (lowest to highest):

魔法学徒 – Apprentice magician
见习法师 – Journeyman magician
初级法师 – Primary magician
中级法师 – Intermediate magician
高级法师 – Advanced magician
大法师 – Grand magician
魔导士 – Wizard
魔导师 – Grand Wizard
圣魔导师 – Wizard Sage
法神 – Sorcerer

other – 死灵法师 – Necromancer

Element Types (系):

火系 – Fire
水系 – Water
冰系 – Ice
风系 – Wind
土系 – Earth
雷电系 – Lightning

Swordsmen (剑士) Rankings (lowest to highest) → Dou Qi color

剑士学徒 – Apprentice Warrior
见习剑士 – Journeyman Warrior
初级剑士 – Primary Warrior
中级剑士 – Intermediate Warrior
高级剑士 – Advanced Warrior → Green
大剑士 – Grand Warrior→ Teal
剑师 – Swordsman
大剑师 – Grand Swordsman → Purple
剑圣 – Swordsage → Silver
剑神 – Godly Swordsage

Temple of Light (光明神殿):

教皇 – Pope
大教主 – Cardinal
红衣教主 – Red-Robed Cardinal
圣子 – Divine Prince
圣女 – Divine Princess
占星师 – Clairvoyant
祭司 – Priest

Beasts (魔兽) → power level:

一级魔兽:First grade Beast → Low
二级魔兽:Second grade Beast → Low
三级魔兽:Third grade Beast → Low
四级魔兽:Fourth grade Beast → Moderate
五级魔兽:Fifth grade Beast → Moderate
六级魔兽:Sixth grade Beast → Moderate
七级魔兽:Seventh grade Beast → High
八级魔兽:Eigth grade Beast → High
九级魔兽:Ninth grade Beast → High

Order of Feudal Nobility (爵位方面):(highest to lowest)

公爵 – Duke
侯爵 – Marquis
伯爵 – Count
子爵 – Viscount
男爵 – Baron

*spoilers from this point on. I could do more far reaching spoilers cuz I’ve read ahead in the Chinese, but these will be up to the point in the updates, meaning I’ll be updating this with each chapter too. Also, gonna be highly opinionated


锡兰 – continent’s name is Ceylon, which happens to be the former name of Sri Lanka
安帕格兰 – Amparkland (named that way because a lot of things in the story sound like english gibberish) Claire’s home country, currently the strongest country
Lagark – currently second most powerful country, where Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo come from
Berthe – capital of Amparkland, where Duke Hill’s mansion is
Gale Gorge – random danger zone i guess
Niya City – Claire’s city, she’s the city lord of it (renamed castellan, but city lord is more accurate), survives a “plague”
Yosusali – a really backwater country

Names (in order of appearance in story sorta as I fail, can include family names):

– Claire – main character, transmigrated from another world

– Nancy – 2nd prince
– real Claire, chases after pretty boys all the time and was an idiot, also good dancer for some reason?
– Jean – Claire’s guardian knight
– Duke Gordan Hill – Claire’s grandfather, really powerful cuz duke is highest position after king
– Hill clan – Claire’s family, coat of arms was a rose, helped established the country Amparkland,
– Katherine – Claire’s mother, true definition of a mother, unconditional love ❤

– Lashia – Claire’s younger sister, relatively talented, spoiled, attribute is lightning

– Camille – Claire’s tutor, hired by Duke Gordan, now known as a renowned assassin

– Emery – Claire’s first master, not super weak cuz he works for Gordan, but he feels pretty weak, blank faced most of the time, middle aged man

– Sunrise Institute – school for magic, Lashia, Claire, Nancy, and Maurice attend it

– Maurice – one and only princess of Amparkland


– Cliff – perverted, currently a wizard sage, pretty strong I guess
– Jackson – pretty weak random mercenary
– mercenary guild – self explanatory

– Leng Lingyun – Divine Prince of the Temple of Light, pretty strong (his last name means cold btw)

– Walter – famous and strong dark magician trapped in spiritual stone

– Mozart – disciple of Cliff, principle of the Sunrise Institute, Lashia’s master
– Magician’s Council – basically a guild, I wanted it to be called guild, I think i’m going to be changing it to guild

– Lawrence – master of Leng Lingyun, red robed cardinal, good friend of Cliff

– i think this is the first appearance of the emperor and empress of Amparkland

– Eric Hill – captain of the Griffin Squad, Claire’s brother
– Griffin Squad – directly protects the royal family.
– pope – he’s the figurehead of the Temple of Light, pretty nasty
– Feng Yixuan – comes from prominent family in Lagark, pretty strong, assassin and magician, last name means wind, fights with icicles
– Shui Wenmo – also from an “old” family from Lagark, best friends with Feng Yixuan, last name means water, warrior

– Alice Roman – basically a jelly b8ch, warrior who dueled Claire and totally failed

– Benimo and his disciple – fake plague to Niya City, owns a bone pagoda, necromancers

– White Emperor – hey i’m too lazy to go back and find his actual first appearance, oops. he transforms into a human form this chapter for the first time. super powerful, super mysterious, and SUPER CUTE XD
– Heath – oops I’ve missed Heath too oh well, he takes care of Niya City in Claire’s absence

– Leng Xuanxuan – Leng Lingyun’s little sister, can see the future, (saying something in double in chinese like xuanxuan is supposed to be cute)

– Liu Xueqing – Divine Princess, in love with Leng Lingyun I think she has an ancient last name because all of the ones so far with ancient last names have Chinese sounding names and have the full name (with last name) whenever mentioned so
– Summer Ai Luo – tries to steal Walter, pretty girl
– Ai Luo family – super famous robber family, harsh exam, has some infamous legends

– Ben – black dragon 3 headed, prince, really strong, learns to be crafty



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  2. Thanks for the super glossary. I can also go back to read my favorite chapters by using this. Keep up the great work.


  3. Just as an advice, maybe put a spoiler right before introducing the names?
    Because — SPOILER — since the fact that Camille is the assassin isn’t known till later chapters.


    • ! Wait I thought it was already revealed he was the assassin? I’m so sorry ;-;
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