Worldly Stunning Blade (异界之绝色锋芒)

Author: 尸口巾 (shīkǒujīn)


This is the actual synopsis, I kid you not, leaving the website where I got the synopsis from as proof:

Transmigration is the total rage of novels nowadays, and if the main character isn’t careful, they get swept up into the bandwagon, so this is a story from another continent. Magic? —— of course the main character won’t know how to use it, but what about knowing how to use electricity? Dou Qi? —— the main character still doesn’t know, but is inner power more strong? Beautiful women? —— of course the main character has them, or else there wouldn’t be anything worth reading in this novel. How many? —— that question’s quite good, if I told you everything, what would you read for?  An honest warning to the female readers and your tastes, it is a harem novel, don’t read it if you’re not interested. A stern warning to male readers and your tastes, um, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

**Random project accidentally found waaaaaay back in December when I was first trying to search for the raws of Stunning Edge as you can see from the Chinese and since I translated two chapters, decided to post anyways. If you reaaaaally like it, I could force ask one of my friends to translate it. After translating the synopsis, it makes me not like it even more. I mean, it’s basically saying that girls shouldn’t read it which makes me cringe…. I don’t think Stunning Edge has anything against guys, sure there’s a little actual romance suuuper later but…


6 thoughts on “Worldly Stunning Blade (异界之绝色锋芒)

  1. The synopsis confuses me, why can’t they just write a normal synopsis. I really hate the obscure types of synopsis.


  2. From the synopsis I can tell that I will hate this book, But since I’m a guy it will actually be a breath of fresh cliche’d air.


  3. I liked the three chapters posted here, and read quite a bit ahead in the raws to almost 300 chapters; so I might as well post a mini review 😛

    In some ways, this is a breath of fresh air as the MC doesn’t go around massacring everyone he fights, enemies are actually sane and sometimes able to back off from conflict, and temporary companions have their own skills instead of just being around for worshipping the MC’s power. Early on its established that he is already quite OP in this world, but not to the extent of ignoring everyone or able to deal with large creature armies.

    The world setting has multiple races, though we still get to see only humans most of the time except for very brief cameos of beastmen (fox & tiger tribe), elves, and some kind of tall mountain giant offshoots. The starter zone for Ling Feng is a monster forest that is one of the known 5 dangerous areas in the continent. Due to strife and the presence of magical beasts, battle strength is highly valued in society. However despite this; weapon techniques, surgical knowledge to restore from severe wounds, usage of herbs etc. is quite rare and undeveloped in general.

    Ling Feng (MC) is supposed to have trained hard to reach his current level before coming to this world, but throughout he has been acting like a carefree tourist and not training further at all. He’s so happy go lucky that story actually reminds me of a CN version of Death March, except MC isn’t god tier just among the 2nd top tier of skilled warriors around. There are also some of the usual tropes like being oblivious to female interests, unable to think of plans beyond just beating opponents with superior strength, undervaluing rare items that he got thru luck etc.

    If you hate Death March, imho you should not read this. If you’re looking for a light hearted story with zero cultivation or training that lacks diehard braindead villains, then it might be worth a read. Only if you can put up with the raws, seeing as only these 3 chapters are TLed so far.


    • A minor correction – I read till chapter 285, and shortly after the story changes into the MC interfering in a fight to beat up nobles without even understanding the cause. All because, the other party is a merchant who was polite to him while giving directions! So I figure it will go downhill with the MC & friends bullying others for their own benefit 😦 , and dropped the series. I still think its worth a quick read till this point, because story does do some things right that many others don’t.


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